Vision Therapy

What is Vision Therapy?

Just as physical therapy can be used to improve muscle and motor strength, vision therapy is a way to enhance visual development and strength. Vision therapy is a specifically designed program of activities developed from optometric principles that works to improve visual function. It is prescribed to treat inefficiencies of the visual system, such as:

  • Poor depth perception
  • Lack of peripheral awareness
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Problems with tracking and scanning
  • Poor visual recognition
  • Lack of eye teaming

These types of visual problems often lead to issues with reading and learning. Vision therapy works to improve basic visual abilities that form a foundation for higher level visual learning.

Effective therapy requires visual skills to be developed and strengthened until they are integrated with other systems and become automatic. This enables individuals to achieve their full potential. The goals of a prescribed vision therapy treatment program is to achieve desired visual outcomes, alleviate the signs and symptoms of visual problems and improve the patient’s quality of life. Age is not a deterrent to the achievement of successful vision therapy outcomes.

Vision therapy in our office consists of the following:

  • A regimented program of visual exercises designed to strengthen deficient visual areas
  • Prescribed exercises to be routinely performed under a doctor’s supervision
  • In-office visits which are generally required once or twice a week
  • Exercises performed at home in between office visits to complement in-office activities

Each patient receives an individualized vision therapy program designed to meet their specific visual needs.

Please contact our office to schedule a developmental vision evaluation for you or your child.

Children and adults often suffer with undiagnosed vision problems for many years, often trying many unsuccessful therapies until a developmental vision evaluation is performed.

Recommended Reading:

  • “The Mislabeled Child” by Brock and Edie
  • “How to Develop your Child’s Intelligence” by G.N. Getman
  • “Thinking Goes to School” by Furth and Wachs

​​​​​​​You can find these books available for purchase here.