Our CareTeam



From working as a firefighter/paramedic, to various office settings, to a surgery center, to pediatrics, Cheryl has seen and done it all. She has taken her experiences and knowledge acquired from all of those previous positions and has applied them to her current one – office manager at The Center for Vision Development!



Twelve years ago, Kerry was a kindergarten teacher. This is when she would witness firsthand just how much vision problems can affect other people. Seeing her students struggle with their vision in the classroom was concerning, so she decided to do something about it. She decided to become a vision therapist, and now that she’s a member of The Center for Vision Development staff, she’s in a position to help people solve their vision problems!



One of the best parts about being in any healthcare field is being able to help other people. You always want to make sure that they’re in better condition when they leave you then they were in when they found you. Debbie can attest to this. As a vision therapist at The Center for Vision Development, she embraces every day as a new journey, a new opportunity to learn and a near opportunity to help people!



Being a vision therapist allows one to work with all types of people from various backgrounds and age ranges. As a vision therapist at The Center for Vision Development, Julia knows this all too well. She used to work with children, then realized she preferred one-on-one interaction with seniors. Now she gets to work on a one-on-one basis with both seniors and children, and help them with their vision issues!



Cassidy hails from the Annapolis and Crofton areas. After being homeschooled for both middle and high school, she attended Anne Arundel Community College. Today she’s a vision therapist at The Center for Vision Development, where she is able to help people from all walks of life with their vision problems!



Juanita always had a vision that involved helping people improve their visual skills, and consequently improving their quality of life. So it’s ironically appropriate that her “vision” led to her becoming a vision therapist (still in training) at The Center for Vision Development!



Hi! I'm a technician here at the Center for Vision development. When I first applied, I didn't know exactly what this job entailed. All I knew is I wanted to work in a healthcare setting. After working here for over a year, I knew this was the field I was most passionate about in healthcare. The amount of patient interaction and critical thinking that is required for this job draws me in the most. I love our community of patients and I'm excited to pursue this career for the future ☺️



Chelsea began her career path by earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Following graduation, she spent over ten years in behavioral health, with a focus on case management and teaching in special education. After some soul searching, it was time to discover a new career path, and that’s how she came across The Center for Vision Development. The connection between the brain and the eyes, with a holistic approach, is what ultimately drew her toward the field of vision therapy.



Growing up in Maryland, Valerie struggled to see clearly in early childhood but did not wear glasses until high school. She took many classes in high school and college that helped her learn about how the brain works and how we think, classes about childhood development, and general medical field information because she knew she wanted to help people.



Sometimes you get job referrals from sources you’d least expect. Take Leslie, for example. She was informed of an open front desk receptionist position at a local vision clinic by a friend of hers at church. The next thing Leslie knew, she was a part of the The Center for Vision Development family!



Sometimes a person just needs to embark on a new career and embark on a new adventure. Mytease Brown definitely can relate. As a receptionist at The Center for Vision Development, she has found a place where she can put her administrative skills on display on a daily basis!